The Financial Literacy competition is about developing solutions that can improve financial literacy among youth and children in Malaysia. The solution must be developed in Maybank Sandbox.

A collaborative platform to create and test new ideas. It is a complete Fintech ecosystem that provides all the essentials components for free such as environment, tools, simulated data and APIs. Explore more at www.maybanksandbox.com

University students studying in Malaysia and has knowledge of information technology or students that thinks they have what it takes to take up the challenge.

You can join as an individual or in a team with maximum 8 members. However they should all come from the same university.

Entry is free

You can apply to participate on our website. Upon registration, you should receive an automatic email on the confirmation of your registration.

Applicant that are successful will be notified via email.

Sign up with Maybank Sandbox, collaborate and develop your solution. Upon completion , submit to Maybank Sandbox Git repository. Then share your link and facebook posting to innovation@maybank.com by 7th January 2018.

There will be atttactive prize money to be won:

1st Prize: RM3000
2nd Prize : RM2000
3rd Prize: RM1000

Please email your questions to innovation@maybank.com and we will get back to you

Innovation and Creativity

  • New or improvised idea which has unique capabilities and emerging technologies
  • Uniqueness & WOW factor

Feasibility and Adaptability

  • Practicality and validity of the solution to be implemented

Impact (Tangible, Intangible) & Sustainability

  • The benefits and value proposition for the stakeholders
  • How long the impact can sustain?


  • The attractiveness of the idea to potential audience / users
  •  The level excitement the idea brings to the audience / users

Social Media Reach

  • The number of likes & share of the Facebook posting